How to Recruit prospects into your business without feeling the pain of Rejection

So Easy An Introvert can do it!

Are you like I was?  You have a network marketing business  and you just feel like your spinning your wheels trying to build it?  I was that way, you see i am a pretty shy person so the way I was taught to build my business, you know:

Make a list of 100 people,

Call all of your friends and family, who now avoid you.  

The 3 foot rule, everyone within 3 feet is a prospect.

Being an Introvert, these old school strategies didn't work for me.  Can you relate?  Tired of the pain of rejection? That would just eat me up inside, I would feel almost sick to my stomach every time I heard a no.

  Do you have issue's finding new people to talk to?  I was there and was ready to quit the whole thing.  

Then I found a new way of doing things.  A way where people actually come to me and ask to join my business,  

If you would like to have people  ask to join your business then check out this blog, the same blog that helped me!



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